AutoCAD Brick Hatch Pattern 1

Hello Architect friends, in this post I want to share some AutoCAD custom hatch collections for free which friends can download right away and can be used for various design purposes.

Hatch is a hatching pattern that we can use to shade an area. Using hatch shading will of course help us understand the drawing notation more easily.

The hatch can also be used as shading which can beautify your images or designs. Always use the hatch at the right scale and size to suit your needs.

Create a closed area bounded by lines, then you can shade the area using the existing hatch or custom hatch which can be found here.

The hatch that I will share this time is the brick hatch which can be used to fill in masonry patterns such as walls, pillars, exterior or garden parts.

AutoCAD Hatch Example – Brick Part 01

There are 6 brick hatches that I will share this time, each hatch is different and has a unique pattern shape, so that it can be adapted to all the design needs of friends.

The hatch file that you will get has the .PAT file format which is supported by AutoCAD. This file is safe and ready to use.

Friends, just follow the link below to download hatch for free from my Google Drive. The hatches that I provide here are all free and can be used immediately.

Use the password to open and extract the hatch file that you downloaded earlier. Extracted files can be placed in the Support File Folder or the folder that you have prepared for AutoCAD custom hatches.

This hatch can be called with the command hatch on a custom hatch. If you don’t really understand how to use a custom hatch, you can first read the instructions in the following link:

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This hatch is prepared for almost all versions of AutoCAD, starting from the 2007 version of AutoCAD to the latest today. No special settings are required. Please download the hatch file via the following link:

Download Example of AutoCAD Custom Hatch – Brick Part 01

That’s about the Free Custom Hatch that I’m sharing this time, I hope it’s useful and don’t forget to share this article on your friends’ social media.






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