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The following folding door detailed drawings can be used to complement detailed architectural drawings as well as drawings for project tender documents and IMB drawings. This detailed drawing of a folding door can be used to estimate the volume of material needed to make a folding door system that works properly.

This detailed drawing of a folding door intends to provide a more detailed explanation of the dimensions of the folding door components, starting from the door frame, door leaf, position and placement point of door hardware or accessories such as hinges, handles, and others.

folding door folding door
Folding Door Details Folding Door 01 – AutoCAD DWG Drawing Example

Executors or contractors on the project need detailed drawings of doors to make doors that function properly. Incorrect information regarding door details can make it difficult for the craftsman who works on the door to make a door that is precise and fits the size of the room. Moreover, folding or folding doors require a little more thorough detail because they require precise pieces of door material so that they can be folded perfectly.

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The following is an example of a detailed drawing of a folding door made with the 2007 version of the AutoCAD software, which architect friends can download via Google Drive to make it safer. This image is only an example of a working drawing that can be used as a reference for detailed folding door drawings. For dimensions, the number of leaves, the number of folds, the position of the hinges, the position of the rails and so on requires careful calculations so that the folding door can be opened and closed perfectly.

To make a detailed drawing of a folding door, we can usually rely on a floor plan that displays the width of the door. Furthermore, from the size of the plan, it is developed into a visible image and a section showing the height of the folding door.

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This detailed image of a folding door or folding door has quite unique specifications. This folding door is a combination of a swing door system and a sliding door. This folding door has hinges as well as a rail that moves the door.

The position of the rail is above hanging several door leaves so it requires a sturdy frame as a place to hang the rail. Usually this folding door rail is attached to a beam so it is stronger. In addition, folding doors usually use lighter materials to reduce the burden that must be borne by the beam on which the rails hang.

Thus the explanation about the detailed drawing of the folding door, further architectural friends can get this image for free via the link below. This image is available in DWG format and friends can open it with AutoCAD at least version 2007.

Download Example AutoCAD Drawing Folding Door HERE (Google Drive)

Apart from the sample folding door detail pictures described above, I have also prepared several other files that can be downloaded and then used as references for projects that friends are working on.

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