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The following fence detail drawings can be used to complement architectural drawings or drawings for landscape/garden project documents. Detailed drawings of this fence can be done directly by contractors or contractors who are assigned to the project.

This detailed drawing of the fence intends to provide a more complete explanation regarding the details of the shape, size, material and systems that exist on the fence. In building design, parts of the fence are often not clearly visible, so additional detailed drawings are needed.

Fence Detail 01 – Sample AutoCAD DWG Drawing

It will be difficult for the executor or contractor on the project to capture information about the design of the fence if the drawing document does not include specific details for the fence, therefore detailed drawings of the fence also include important detailed drawings. With the help of these detailed drawings, it is hoped that work in the field can be carried out more quickly and easier to coordinate if there are parts of the fence that you want to change.

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The following is an example of a detailed drawing of a fence made with the 2007 version of the AutoCAD software, which friends can download via Google Drive to make it safer. This image is only an example of a working drawing that can be used as a reference for the details of the gate. For the dimensions and size of the fence may be different for each house. Each architect and landscape/garden consultant may have a different drawing style from the details of this gate.

In making the details of the fence, the main drawings that must exist are the fence plan, the front view of the fence and the fence section which shows the structural part of the fence itself. Furthermore, other details can also be added to complete the detailed picture of the fence.

Fences are an important part of an area in which there are buildings such as houses, schools, offices and so on. Generally, house fences and school fences have a different design. School fences and office fences are usually made simpler and functional, while house fences or villa fences are deliberately made more attractive.

Apart from being a protector from various kinds of physical disturbances from the outside, the fence has other functions such as to limit the privacy area with the outside environment, prevent dust and dirt from entering, and beautify the external appearance of the front of the building. Therefore, the design of the fence should not be neglected.

Download Example AutoCAD Fence Details HERE

Thus the explanation, further friends can get this image for free via the link below. This image is available in DWG format and friends can open it with AutoCAD at least version 2007. Hopefully this is useful and can add references for all of you. Don’t forget to share this article, thank you.






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