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The following detailed drawings of stairs are commonly used to design stairs for various buildings that have level floors. Detailed drawings of this U-shaped staircase will be quite important in building construction drawings, especially when completing parts of the stairs which are sometimes complicated.

This detailed drawing intends to provide a more detailed explanation to the executor regarding the length, width and height of the steps as well as the number of steps needed to go up to the next floor.

In practice in the field, stairs are often not made according to standards due to a lack of calculation or coercion of the dimensions of the stairs, sometimes the width and height of each step are different because they are not made using guidelines. But with the help of detailed ladder drawings, work in the field can be completed more quickly and easily.

U Ladder Drawing Details – AutoCad Drawing Example
U Ladder Drawing Details – AutoCad Drawing Example

The following is an example of a detailed drawing of a U-shaped staircase made with the 2007 version of the AutoCAD software, which friends can download on my Google Drive. This image is only an example of an image that can be used as a reference for the details of the stairs. Each architect and structural consultant may have a different style of depicting these details.

In making detailed drawings of these stairs, it is necessary to refer to SNI standards and architect data made by building experts so that we cannot arbitrarily determine the dimensions, number and height of each rung.

U-shaped stairs are a solution for stairs in narrow spaces. By turning it into a U shape, the stairs become more economical in terms of length, while the space underneath is used for other functions in the room.

Thus the explanation, further friends can get this image for free via the link below. This image is available in DWG format and friends can open it with AutoCAD at least version 2007. Hopefully this is useful and can add references for all of you. Don’t forget to share this article, thank you.

Download Detailed Drawing of U Stairs via Google Drive HERE

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