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This drawing of a wooden truss roof this time is commonly used to design roof structures for various buildings whose roofs use a pyramid shape. Detailed drawings of wooden truss roof trusses can be very important in building construction drawings.

This detailed drawing intends to provide a more detailed explanation to the implementer regarding the size of the hood, the height of the roof, the angle of inclination and the type of wood, the size of the wooden beams, and the amount needed to make the roof.

In the implementation in the field, it is often difficult for executors, builders or foremen to determine the dimensions of the wooden truss frame, they often ask questions related to the roof slope, the width of the stretch and the truss system to be used. However, with the help of detailed drawings, work in the field can be completed more quickly and easily.

Wooden Easel Roof Details – AutoCAD Drawing Examples
Details of wooden truss roof – AutoCAD Drawing Example

The following is an example of a detailed drawing of a wooden truss roof made with the 2007 version of the AutoCAD software, which my friends can download on my Google Drive. This image is only an example of an image that can be used as a detailed reference for a wooden roof frame. Each architect and structural consultant may have a different drawing style from the details of these wooden easels.

In making detailed drawings of truss roof trusses, it is necessary to also refer to the RKS document made by the construction expert concerned, especially for trusses with spans above 8 meters. The wooden truss frame is able to stand firm with a span of 12 meters.

In making detailed drawings of the roof truss of wooden trusses, it is also necessary to complete the details of the joints between the wood and their relationship to the wall beams so that the executor is not confused when determining the roof of the building.

Wooden truss roof trusses are different from mild steel, in wooden truss roof trusses, we usually use wood materials of different sizes. Usually consists of:
Lumber size 5/12 – 8/12 for the main frame
Timber size 5/10 – 6/12 for jurai, clamps and windhooks
Timber size 10/8 for wall beams
5/7 size wood for usuk
Timber size 2/3 – 3/4 for battens
2/20 wood planks for router and skirting

Timber size 5/12 means wood with a width of 5 cm and height of 12 cm (assembled), while 10/8 timber means wood with a width of 10 cm and height of 8 cm (assembled).

Thus the explanation, further friends can get this image for free via the link below. This image is available in DWG format and friends can open it with AutoCAD at least version 2007. Hopefully this is useful and can add references for all of you. Don’t forget to share this article, thank you.

Download Sample AutoCAD Detailed Wooden Easel Roof here via Google Drive

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